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Daniel Ashcom

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My name is Danny and I'm currently living in the Chicago region and this is my first BU course, though I have taken online courses elsewhere in the past. I'm excited to be pursuing an MSCIS with a security concentration at BU because it brings together several areas and skills which I find interesting and enjoyable, including scripting and programming, investigation and problem-solving and a constantly-evolving digital landscape with plenty of learning and growth required to stay relevant. I like the challenge, variety and necessary creativity and thinking outside the box required for this sort of work.

I'm looking to change career fields and am actively trying to get a fooot in the door with a good company in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. I worked in the early 2000's for Lucent Technologies in Denver, installing, upgrading and troubleshooting both central office and wireless telecommunications equipment including mod-, mini-, micro-, but mostly Series II cell sites with clients which included Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon. I later entered the mental health field, first in direct care, then later as a licensed counselor. I regret having to leave this field of work. However, opportunities are few and far between and I am ready to transition to a career which I will find just as interesting, feel just as passionately about, but with less stress, risk of burn-out and far greater financial security. Unfortunately, the economy as severely worsened an already-underfunded and neglected mental health care infrastructure and I simply cannot wait any longer for things to turn around. I would like to return to supporting and advocating mental health in some form, perhaps working for a company which creates software used in hospitals to improve service and health care outcomes. I interviewed with just such a company recently and am anxious to find out if I get the job.

As far as personal interests go, I have been playing guitar for over twenty years and have recently begun practicing and performing to small groups. It's much more difficult to sing and play at the same time than it looks! I've also set up a modest home studio and some of my music can be heard by clicking the 'music' button on the navigation link at right. I continue to further my Linux knowledge with ongoing projects, such as volunteering with the Fedora Project Infrastructure Group and maintaining an Apache Software Foundation download mirror from my own server at picotopia.org. I look forward to applying what I learn throughout this course to sites hosted on my server.